Arizona - California - Nevada - 10 days of exploring the sights and sounds - starting at $10995

Come and experience our 10 day 3 states tour of Arizona, Nevada and California. This tour does not have a set route - fresh each time with our favorite places selected from our other tours and places we love. If there is a  certain place you like let us know we may even include them with enough notice. This tour will include a helicopter tour. Please contact us for more information and various routes prior to purchase.



  • Support vehicle equipped for luggage and fitted with trailer. $150 per person per day - minimum 8 people. ( includes driver )
  • VIP club access Las Vegas  - shorter wait times and access to exclusive clubs .

Note: Please contact us to add these extras to your booking. 


  • Grand Canyon helicopter tour
  • Motorcycle rental
  • 4 star minimum accommodation               
  • Top level motorcycle insurance
  • 24/7 LGBT friendly tour guide
  • Day tours in SF, LA and LV
  • Organized night activities
  • Choice of Harley Davidson
  • Road Side assist   
  • Half-shell helmet for rider and pillion
  • Custom road journal 
  • Hotel parking fees  
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Riding jacket
  • National park entrance fees 
  • Fuel - including on free ride days


Arizona - California - Nevada
11,950.00 12,950.00
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