Los Angeles - Las Vegas


Los Angeles - Las Vegas

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Los Angeles to Las Vegas.              

Distance: 443 miles, 712km                              Operating times: Spring, Summer, Fall

A memorable way to get to Las Vegas while you take a tour of the Americas west. Start your journey at Santa Monica and head for the San Gabriel Mountains then come out the other side at the city of Victorville. Then make your way riding through the desert in the company of the cactuses and the barren mountains to arrive to the desert oasis of Laughlin. On your final day you will stop one many greatest achievement Hoover Dam before finishing up in Sin City.

 Day 1 – Santa Monica to Victorville. 121 miles.

So lets kick off our journey from Santa Monica and make our way out of Los Angles and head for the mountians that frame the city and bring us through winding roads to Victorville.

Day 2 – Victorville to Laughlin. 212 miles.

From forests on day one, to desert today. Now we are heading into the wild west with vast desolate plains and desert trees till we finish our day at the town of Laughlin by the Colorado river where the river provides a desert oasis.

Day 3 – Laughlin to Las Vegas. 122 miles.

Today is our last day taking us to Hoover Dam one of the world’s greatest engineering feats of its time. Las stop Vegas baby! The city of lights, billboards, fine dining, amazing shopping. No better way to finish a great ride with new old and new friends.


Also for those of you that want to spend a extra day riding in Las Vegas just lets us know and we will organize for you to join us at no extra cost. This is at everyone own leisure as its not part of the organized tour and we are happy to show you some of the sight of our home town Las Vegas.