Route 66 - America's Main Street - Starting at $12995

Route 66 - America's most famous road !

Distance: 2428 miles = 3907km                                

Operating times:  Spring, Summer, Fall

Take a trip from the sunny California coast through the wild west and final frontier working your way to greener pastures of central America down the “ mother road ” Route 66. These days it is just an easy 14 day trip but was once a grueling dangerous route made all but better with the idea to link Chicago to Los Angeles by road. So join us on this incredible journey down “America's Main Street”.

Day 1 - Santa Monica to Victorville. 121 miles

Santa monica pier is where our epic tour of the heart of America will officially begin. Next we will head for the hills of Los Angeles to get out of town.

Day 2 – Victorville to Laughlin. 212 miles

From forests on day one to desert today now we are heading into the wild west with vast desolate plains and desert trees till we wind up at the town of Laughlin by the Colorado river.

Day 3 – Laughlin to Williams. 172 miles

This route today will take us along some of the original roads of the Historic Route 66. Oatman will be our first stop which is an old mining town. Next we travel through Seligman and on to Williams.

Day 4 – Williams to Flagstaff. 138 miles

While we are so close to the Grand Canyon how could we not visit. So today we make a detour for the Grand Canyon. When we finish here we head back to Flagstaff for the night.

Day 6 – Flagstaff to Gallup. 210 miles

A new day and we finish in a new state. We will find some winding roads get and off the highway a couple of times to keep the riding fun and by the end of the day we will roll into the town of Gallup. Known as the “Heart of Indian Country”.

Day 7 – Gallup to Santa Fe. 199 miles

Today we travel through Indian heartland and through Albuquerque then on to Santa Fe which is the oldest town in New Mexico. Settled by the Spanish in 1610 but inhabited for thousands of years prior by the indigenous people.

Day 8 – Santa Fe

At just over half way through our trip to Chicago it’s time to take a break and see what Santa Fe has to offer. There is plenty to do around this area and we are here to help you find what will suit you best but if you want to sit back and take in the town feel free to do so.

Day 9 – Santa Fe to Amarillo. 291 miles

As Route 66 cuts across the top of Texas we leave New Mexico. We will make small detours here and there to famous places that once lined Route 66. As we do we will enter Texas to arrive at Amarillo. Now this is the place for a famous American steak.

Day 10 – Amarillo to Clinton. 176 miles

Time to jump states again as we head to Oklahoma and our next stop is the small town of Clinton. It might be a small town but here is where Route 66 helped to build this town and now it's home to one of the largest Route 66 museums. We will get here early to give us plenty of time for exploring.

Day 11 – Clinton to Tulsa. 190 miles

Today we stay in Oklahoma and head up to the City of Tulsa. This was massive for oil and the city was built on oil even helping them get through the great depression far better than most of the country. Also this is where the man who came up with an idea to link Chicago to Los Angeles lived later to be called Route 66.

Day 12 – Tulsa to Rolla. 298 miles

Now we really are in central America with green farms and rolling hills. Get ready for a big day as we travel through 3 states today. There are plenty of Route 66 attractions along the way. By the end of the day we will arrive at Rolla Missouri.

Day 13 – Rolla to Springfield. 206 miles

Today we get to travel to St Louis and have a look at this great city. Being in St Louis we also get to cross the Mississippi River. Plenty of great sections of Route 66 in this area not to mention some of the oldest parts too. By the end of the day we roll into Springfield for the night.

Day 14 – Springfield to Chicago. 215 miles

Unfortunately this is our last leg as we make our way to Chicago after traveling 2400 miles down the main street of America. While on our way to Chicago we will stop in at Pontiac to visit the Route 66 Museum here. From here we will ride into the lake side city of Chicago.

Route 66 - Americas Main Street
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